Can variety of traditional fish processing and fish food preparation facilitate domestic fish or other sea product consumption?


  • Boedhihartono Boedhihartono Universitas Indonesia


traditional fish processing, domestic fish, sea product, consumption


This article, offer facts of variety of traditional fish processing and fish food preparation from different parts of Indonesia which might be an advantage to the effort of increasing and propagating fish (or other aquatic food resources) consumption to people in various parts of Indonesia. Tasting various fish preparations and processes from different regions will help people to familiarize them selves with different possibilities to present fish to the families. The transfer of fish food (or other sea and aqua products) preparations or recipes and processes from one part of Indonesia to other different parts is supposed stimulating people to consume more fishes and other sea or water products. The high domestic consumption of sea and water products will certainly enhance the economic significance of our waters. It should be noted that many people are curious about one locality delicacy and food particularity. This article present some examples below.